Reflections While Studying at Sea – by Erica Delaney

erica delaney1

I wake up every day on this ship and am still amazed that this is my life. Every day I walk up the stairs of a ship, I am floating in the middle of the ocean, and land is nowhere to be seen. This is my life, taking classes while swaying in this momentum with hundreds of kids just like me. Their goal: travel the world. This is my life, loving every day as it comes and learning while watching the waves crash around me with salty wind in my hair. This is my life, traveling the globe by ship and calling it school. This is me, living in a world where every day is so amazing and so inspiring. This is me, trying to describe a feeling that I am still attempting to pin down. Each moment, I become more appreciative of what this life has to offer. The realization of what I am doing hits me every day as I try to wrap my head around it. Processing everything that occurs is difficult and it is even harder now that we are jumping from port to port. I love life and my journey as well as the opportunity I have been given to be able to experience so many places in such a unique way. This trip allows me to make my own conclusions about cultures and generate a new perspective of the world. I can appreciate beliefs, living standards, and norms that are very different from what I am accustomed. My life right now is filled with more joy than I have ever felt, and more happiness than I ever thought could come from a trip. These memories will be irreplaceable and this voyage will continue to help me grow.

It’s not a boat, it’s a ship. It’s not a journey, it’s a voyage. It’s not a cruise, it’s a university.

Erica Delaney
Senior graduating in Marketing and Management & Leadership.
Erica is moving to Thailand to teach English in September.

erica delaney2


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